Life Innovators are the audacious people who tailor their lives to both daily desires and lifelong passions. Looking beyond the status quo, their stories get us hyped to rethink our own. Follow podcast hosts O and NO as they examine how these Life Innovators leveraged their strengths to redefine what it means to live the American Dream.



Ep2: Flossin


Janine and Aretha are the bosses of Floss Gloss, a nail polish company that is influencing this billion dollar industry…READ MORE

Ep8: Honing Intuition


Intuition can be described as a “whisper in a loud room,” so how can we listen to it over all the chaos? Emily Fletcher is an expert on honing intuition… READ MORE

Ep10: Rethinking Weakness


Is it a weakness or a strength? Life innovator Justin Freedman teaches us what it means to rethink disability. This authority grew up with ADHD and is now getting his PHD… READ MORE

Ep12: Communication


Essential to every kind of relationship, Aaron Browne finds that open, honest, and constant #communication is what allows him to carry on multiple relationships at once… READ MORE