S1.Ep9: Goal Setting

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Brianna Carney is the ultimate goal-setter. So much so, that she even sets goals for how many rejections she needs to get on a given day. It’s not all rigidity, however, with this startup owner and founder of Nestfiller.com. She has taken her kind heart and passion for the elderly and turned it into a thriving business helping seasoned adults find new income through the sharing economy. We chat endowment, outcome, and process goals to set ourselves up for success!

S1.Ep8: Honing Intuition

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Intuition can be described as a “whisper in a loud room,” so how can we listen to it over all the chaos? This week’s guest is an expert on honing intuition. As founder of Ziva Meditation with plenty of successful clients, she finds that working out your creativity and instinct always leads to a more fruitful life full of bliss chemicals and flow state (if you prepare). Listen in while we talk about the difference between intuition and rational thought, the benefits of a daily meditation practice, and focusing on what you WANT to do.

S1.Ep7: Cultivating Mindsets

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Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. Dina Zukic works to help develop learning and leadership within organizations through understanding how the brain actually functions. When applied, neuroleadership can seriously up-level performance in all aspects of your life. We talk charisma, growth mindsets, and insights on America’s biggest troll.

S1.Ep5: Highly Esteemed

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“Just be yourself and they’ll love you,” is Catrin Hedström’s go-to piece of advice. Easy to say, but even easier to believe if you’re blessed with her bold brand of confidence. A film director and editor, she is passionate (and selective!) of her projects… when she’s not dancing around singing show tunes, of course. We dish on having intimidating friends, faking it till you become it, and changing your title by declaring it yourself.

S1.Ep3: Sweet Loyalty

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What’s in a cupcake? For Beatrice Tsang of Baby Bea’s Bakeshop it’s one way she’s built a loyal community. From butter to laser parties, Bea extracts her wisdom. Sugar and spice, and everything nice.

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