S2.E21: Self Permission

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Nikki Borodi professionally sings, does acrobatics, plays instruments (all at the same time), clowns, makes her own costumes, and teaches yoga. Of her many talents, none are as important or greater than her ability to permit herself to explore every interest. We talk about building space for curiosity, allowing inspiration to come to you, and emotion as a superpower. This has led her to such opportunities as speaking at TedX Berkeley, performing at Madison Square Garden, and providing entertainment for Lucas Films. Catch Self Permission!

S2.E20: Sustainable Bee-ing

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It’s un BEE-lievable how amazingly a hive works to make choices in the best interest of the group. This sustainable and delicious approach is something Scott Jorgensen of Hercules Bees fully incorporates in running his business. After learning to keep wild bees in the Gambia, he decided to take his talents to his hometown where he innovated on the beekeeping process to produce honey & teach about it in a sustainable way. Listen in as we discuss the importance of pride, rethinking growth, and bee cred.

S2.E19: Rap Refuge

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Rapper Adam Vida (formerly known as A-1) has spent a good part of his life creating safe spaces for others. His music is a perfect reflection of who he is as a person, a fun, thoughtful, and creative individual who’s aim is to: Think, Hustle, Understand, Really Live & Really love (THURL). He delivers party bangers whilst giving thoughtful criticisms of the world we live in. We talk about music as therapy, not “yucking another person’s yum”, & Voltron friends. Catch this super insightful convo.

S1.Ep15: Nourishing Trust

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Pascal Rawls-Philippe is responsible for helping run a healthy oasis in a food desert. Volunteering his trust and time led to being offered partnership of Seasoned Vegan in Harlem… and he has quite a sense of humor to boot! Listen in to the absolute hysterics as we talk (more) upward spirals, nasal spray molly, being nice to plants, & self-awareness.

S1.Ep14: Positive Procrastination

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Procrastination is a ritual we all participate in, but it doesn’t always deserve the bad rap it’s gotten over the years. Jay Reifel is a screenwriter, chef, and avid runner who integrates his penchant for putting things off into all of his passions. Listen in as we talk about Sharknado, eating bugs, & stumbling into passions via Positive Procrastination.

S1.Ep13: Tuned-In Traveler

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Truly listening is perhaps one of the hardest things to do, but it’s what helps Stephanie Felicita make friends as she wanders the globe. Our life innovator travels half the year by leveraging her design skills as a freelancer, taking turns between projects and adventures. A camera, journal, passport, and an open ear are all she needs to get taken in by the locals on her journeys. LISTEN in for tips on trips and lots of other stuff.

S1.Ep12: Communication

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Communication is essential to every kind of relationship. Our life innovator Aaron Browne finds that open, honest, and constant #communication is what allows him to carry on multiple relationships at once. This self-described “ethical non-monogamist” gets deep with us about boundaries, self-reflection, and how respect grows when you have to accommodate others. We also figure out that communication and community come from the same root for a reason.

S1.Ep11: Culinary Collaboration

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Our life innovator Yana Gibuena travels to new cities, states, & countries every week creating creating culinary delights through her pop-up dinners. This feat requires a ton of collaboration with strangers (or soon-to-be-friends) while she brings regional Filipino dishes to communities and raises money for victims of Typhoon Haiyan. We discover that delicious things happen when you take people out of their comfort zones.

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