S2.E28 Induced Efficiency

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Max Rouzier spends only a few hours working every day, and makes every second of those hours count. He tells beautiful stories as a journalist and email marketer through That Man Max. Though his clever mind can form ideas in a pinch, living with Sickle Cell Disease means that his physical resources are wiped out rather quickly. We discuss 90’s culture, leaving your legacy, and #allcellsmatter. Lots of laughs to be had on #InducedEfficiency


Journalist, Email Marketer, + Sickle Cell Anemia Survivor

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Strengths: compassionate, uses his voice to help others, thinks about how things will live on

Unexpected Conclusion: restraints can have benefit

Question You Didn’t Know Was Relevant #QYDKWR

Are you connecting with people first in all forms of communication?


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