S2.E29 Discerning Tastes

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Creating work your are proud of usually means holding processes and people to a high standard. Such is the story with Irina + Gilles when launching Fiction Lab NYC last year, a music blog promoting talented DJs with mixes and write-ups on inspiring new music. GIlles, himself a DJ (and a professional soccer player in a past life) and Irina (who works in Investment Banking) have built a life of trust and taste by investing in the things they love, and leaving everything they don’t–including the Turbo Folk music of the Yugoslavia. Listen in to their charm in #DiscerningTastes


Fiction Lab founders and journalists 

Strengths: bring others with them, do everything with care, focus on the positive

Unexpected Conclusion: you can find love in the Panther Room

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The Music that Captured Irina’s Heart

Listen to Gilles’ latest and hear what all the fuss is about this onion that keeps on unfolding. Truly beautiful.



Question You Didn’t Know Was Relevant #QYDKWR

Are you being conscious of how you connect with the world, including people, hobbies and things?


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