THROWBACK: S1.E8: Honing Intuition

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In Season 1, O and NO had Emily Fletcher of Ziva Meditation on Chill and Ambitious. In honor of Emily’s new free online Master Class, we are reposting her episode on intuition–a show favorite. She describes intuition as a “whisper in a loud room.” So how can we listen to it over all the chaos?  As founder of Ziva Meditation with plenty of successful clients, she finds that working out your creativity and instinct always leads to a more fruitful life full of bliss chemicals and flow state (if you prepare). Listen in while we talk about the difference between intuition and rational thought, the benefits of a daily meditation practice, and focusing on what you WANT to do.


Emily Fletcher

Founder of Ziva Meditation and the creator of zivaMIND, the world’s first online meditation training. She was also on Broadway for 10 years.

Strengths: Understands the neurological & emotional connections within, incredibly driven, full of compassion

Unexpected conclusion: Our bodies intuit what is good for us way before we do

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