S2.E30 Positve Reaction

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Meet Elyssa and Phil of Audition Hero, the startup disrupting the acting world. Their high energy is contagious, which translates into how they respond to their clients, partners, and teammates. Ultimately, these entrepreneurs get things done. Laugh with us as we talk cold calling, Hamilton, supporting artists, and Phil’s missed magic career in #PositiveReaction.

LIFE INNOVATORS: Elyssa and Phil

Co-founders of Audition Hero, Actors, and Tech Enthusiasts

Strengths: pitching, acting on opportunities, and making dreams come true

Unexpected Conclusion: you don’t need an assistant to be a magician

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Question You Didn’t Know Was Relevant #QYDKWR

What do people come to you for? Can that be a business?


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2:29 Voyager 1 & 2- Phil is obsessed


4:28 Phil and Elyssa have way too much in common
5:00 Phil works at Gett

6:00 Explaining birth of Audition Hero

16:29 Working 2 full-time jobs and auditioning

21:04 Phil can get anyone on the phone

30:14 Snapchat/Facebook

36:18 Phil sacrifices sleep

37:44 happier busier…dedicates life to leveling the playing field with tech

41:58 Prioritizing – Slack/Trello, vitamins/pain killers, what to value?

48:30 Measure success by how much they are supporting artists

51:18 Hamilton success story

55:55 Phil wants to do a magic show

1:03:30 Elyssa was proactive too

1:08:34 Their Chill is conspiracy theories and standing on rooves

1:09:10 They both say ta-da

1:12:15 embarassed v. shame

1:17:30 O + NO reflections



Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get it Started

David Cross-Arrested development 

Beyonce- Superpower

7:30 Mariah Carey- Hero

12:24 When You Wish Upon A Star – sung by Jiminy Cricket (Cliff Edwards)

16:26 Michael Jackson- Workin Day and Night

20:04 Does Not Compute

27:30 Survivor- Eye of the Tiger

35:11 N’Sync- Bye Bye Bye

36:33 Drake- 0 to 100

48:22 Bill and Ted- 2 Heads

51:15 Broad City- Yas Kween

1:03:01 No Doubt- Trapped In a Box

1:07:17 Adelaide’s Lament

1:17:19 Heart- Magic Man