S2.E21: Self Permission

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Nikki Borodi professionally sings, does acrobatics, plays instruments (all at the same time), clowns, makes her own costumes, and teaches yoga. Of her many talents, none are as important or greater than her ability to permit herself to explore every interest. We talk about building space for curiosity, allowing inspiration to come to you, and emotion as a superpower. This has led her to such opportunities as speaking at TedX Berkeley, performing at Madison Square Garden, and providing entertainment for Lucas Films. Catch Self Permission!


Acrobat, Musician, Clown, Yoga Teacher

Strengths: uninhibited by norms, emotion, combining her multiple talents

Unexpected conclusion: In order to be yourself, you must actively give your permission to do so

Her Chill: Love

Her Ambition: Inspiring people to feel

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1:15 O + NO re-live pressures of childhood

7:09 Introduction to Self Permission + Nikki Borodi

9:59 Clowns express emotions everyday people don’t

14:28 Adults expected to stop being curious

16:51 Nikki’s superpower: Super Emotion

19:48 Adulting as a professional clown, acrobat, and musician

21:50 Nikki gives O’s friend Brandon permission to break music theory rules

26:50 Lessons from being bullied

31:02 Power hair

33:46 Give yourself permission to be curious to feel

40:15 Music is the thread in Nikki’s performances

50:38 Applying mission to inspire creativity in the corporate world

59:46 O+NO Reflections: The difficulty in identifying lack of permission, group-thought via Candid Camera episode, inspiration visits

1:09:15 Question you didn’t know was relevant: Think about someone you find inspirational and identify why you find them so. Is it because they do things you weren’t sure was possible? Or things that you weren’t sure were “okay”?


44:28 Elizabeth Gilbert – Big Magic

1:00:47 Candid Camera – “Face the Rear”

1:07:24 David Bowie Playboy Interview



Ro James – Permission

Smokey Robinson – Tears of a Clown

Eminem – Not Afraid

Emeli Sandé – Clown

DJ Kool – Let Me Clear My Throat

Sue Morrison – Down with Clowns

6:51 Queen – Under Pressure (Official Video)

9:40 Nikki Borodi + Cello Joe – Dreams

10:17 Fonzi the Bear – Wakka-wakka-wakka.

10:31 Stephen King’s “It” (Georgie Scene)

12:16 Drake’s Beef – SNL

14:44 Spongebob Laugh box

15:01 Top 10 Electrocutions

16:38 Nikki Borodi – Come Get Lost With Me

18:16 Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Official Trailer 2

19:29 Pink Floyd – Is Anybody Out There?

22:08 Jamaica 2013 Reggae Band

26:02 Donnie Klang – You’re my idol [HQ] / Lyrics – YouTube

33:34 Eminem – Not Afraid

37:20 Rihanna – Work

38:50 Mariah Carey – Emotions

40:02 How to lose a guy in 10 days

40:54 Nikki Borodi + Cello Joe – Dreams

44:15 Nikki Borodi – Lion Queen

50:23 A$AP Rocky – Phoenix

53:22 Jay-Z – History

56:51 Beyonce – Freedom

59:30 Nikki Borodi Teaser Reel

1:03:33 Prince – Let’s Go Crazy

1:28:12 Nicki Minaj – Beez In the Trap