S2.E19: Rap Refuge

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Rapper Adam Vida (formerly known as A-1) has spent a good part of his life creating safe spaces for others. His music is a perfect reflection of who he is as a person, a fun, thoughtful, and creative individual who’s aim is to: Think, Hustle, Understand, Really Live & Really love (THURL). He delivers party bangers whilst giving thoughtful criticisms of the world we live in. We talk about music as therapy, not “yucking another person’s yum”, & Voltron friends. Catch this super insightful convo.


Rapper and Mentor from the Bay Area

Strengths: being THURL, comfortable with vulnerabilities, balancing fun and consciousness

Unexpected conclusion: Whether it be a person, music, or process, a refuge is effective when it’s accessible + positive



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0:36 Welcome to Season 2

2:27 Intro to Adam Vida and his relationship to refuge

7:22 Learning how to rap in his “hip hop cocoon”

12:55 Doubts as a rapper

16:00 Rapping as a peer

19:00 What is THURL?

21:40 Crew forms Megazord and gets it done

28:14 Adam would be a teacher if he wasn’t a rapper

32:09 Making music is his refuge

37:12 Creating safe spaces for kids

40:06 Adam counts on music to make him feel the way he needs to feel

43:57 The sacrifices

51:56 Winning

54:09 Handling criticism

59:38 The creative process

1:01:25 Bad things happening fuels the music

1:03:24 Henning Mankell and daily desires

1:06:15 Boston forces discomfort and creativity

1:08:42 Explains name change to Adam Vida

1:10:25 O+NO Reflections: Everyone needs a Big Tuna

1:17:13 Question You Didn’t Know Was Relevant: What is your refuge? Where are you not afraid to make mistakes?

1:18:34 iTunes Review Shoutout to Nesta___


8:34 Youth Speaks

14:22 National culture is associated with the music that comes out of it

37:12 Creating Safe Space for Children

1:03:24 Henning Mankell’s Daily Desires




South Park – In My Safe Space

Consequence – G.O.O.D. Music (Talib Kweli and Common)

Migos – Cocoon

Joni Mitchell – Refuge of the Roads

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche – Finding Refuge Within 

Grouch and Eligh – Refuge 


2:38 A-1 – Speaker ft. Roach Gigs

6:06 Scarface Quits & Brian Gets Fired – Half Baked 

7:16 A-1 – My Name Is Adam

9:26 Wu-Tang Clan – Da Mystery Of Chessboxin’

9:29 LOX – Money, Power, Respect (feat. DMX and Lil Kim)

9:36 Pharoahe Monch – Simon Says 

10:43 Wu-Tang – Method Man 

12:30 A-1 – On my way

15:45 Gil Scott Heron – The revolution will not be televised

21:20 A-1 – Are You THURL? 

27:56 A-1 – Black Ranger 

31:50 A-1 – Good People

36:57 A-1 – Unpredictable (Repo Man)

41:24 The Roots – You Got Me

41:52 The Fugees – How Many Mics

42:28 Outkast – Ms. Jackson 

43:20 Lauryn Hill – Ex-Factor

51:48 Speaker ft. Roach Gigs

52:07 A-1 – Winning

57:58 A-1 – I Just Wanna Part 2 

1:05:56 Adam Vida – Sifu

1:10:10 A-1 – Breathing (Featuring Emily Fox)

1:18:17 A-1 – All That! Feat. TLC

1:19:15 A-1 – Doing the Most / Carry the Ghost