S1.Ep14: Positive Procrastination

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Procrastination is a ritual we all participate in, but it doesn’t always deserve the bad rap it’s gotten over the years. Jay Reifel is a screenwriter, chef, and avid runner who integrates his penchant for putting things off into all of his passions. Listen in as we talk about Sharknado, eating bugs, & stumbling into passions via Positive Procrastination.


Jay Reifel

Chef, screenwriter, chess player, procrastinator

Strengths: Recognizes the need to compartmentalize pieces of a project, allows himself to get lost in details and enjoy them, researches everything

Unexpected conclusion: Procrastination can be productive and even necessary.


+ Balance tasks that have immediacy of completion w/ long term tasks

+ Allow yourself activities that give you time to think/ work out problems mentally

+ Don’t force tasks into a specific order, let certain ones speak to you

+ Alternate between projects

+ Ask yourself “Is it procrastination or fear?”

+ Intentionally set times to work on other things instead of sitting in anxiety about not doing one thing

+ Keep a loooong list


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