S1.Ep13: Tuned-In Traveler

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Truly listening is perhaps one of the hardest things to do, but it’s what helps Stephanie Felicita make friends as she wanders the globe. Our life innovator travels half the year by leveraging her design skills as a freelancer, taking turns between projects and adventures. A camera, journal, passport, and an open ear are all she needs to get taken in by the locals on her journeys. LISTEN in for tips on trips and lots of other stuff.


Stephanie Felicita

World Traveler, Freelance Packaging Designer, Writer, and Photographer

Strengths: Takes people up on their offers, constantly expanding the comfort zone, gives projects and adventure full attention

Unexpected conclusion: Being a good listener can be just as powerful as being a good talker


+ Set goals, even for adventures

+ Pre-plan your routes and learn a few small phrases

+ You can be anyone you want when you travel

+ Push the boundaries of your comfort zone

+ Learn to listen to yourself to improve your ability to listen to others

+ Keeping a child-like non-judgemental view of the world can hone your listening skills

+ The people make the place

+ Prove yourself through your work and build flexibility around that


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